Saturday, August 23, 2008

First of all -

people are assholes.

correct me if i am wrong, but i have found nothing disrespectful or impolite about gently removing dry clothes from a dryer when you need to use it. you take the dry clothes out of the dryer, place them on top of the dryer and then you use the dryer for your own wet, freshly laundered clothes. yes?

i just went down to check my laundry after having done just this and found the dryer turned *off* and a typed sign on the dryer saying "quit taking other people's clothes out of the dryer". my clothes were still wet because the asshole stopped my drying cycle. i should not be as angry as i am but i am sort of furious.

so i left a note back. i'm sure it will do nothing. i won't be surprised if the dryer is turned off again if they see the note soon. all i said was that i had done nothing disrespectful and that if the note-writer had a problem with people touching things in public space then they should remove their clothing promptly. and to quit cheating folks out of their laundry money (i.e., the $1 that i lost because i had to restart the drying cycle).

now i will have to calm down and refocus before i write the post i planned to write today, the one about how much love there is in the world and how grateful i am for it and how much i want to emulate my loving, amazing friends

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