Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Crush

In my sleeping dreams, 
between sleeping and awake, 
and in my dreaming days--
yes, I had a dream last night:
view down a side street 
lovers on a swing
silent world behind the scene

I just love when the calm surrounds you
between sleeping and awake; 
when morning comes misty-eyed, 
shy as spring
slowly awakening
(hard times for dreamers)
(we can do hard things)

(I can feel your smile, 
your tart kiss on my lips. 
I miss you. 
Some days are hard; 
you've been away too long. 
it's not so black as it seems. 
it's not so black as it seems. 
this storm will pass. 

Feeling tangled
an unlikely combination:
fragments; a love affair. 
Age does not matter. 
Nothing matters. 
Will it ever end?
Please don't ask how it could be--

The unwritten page
The freedom of loneliness:
time to think, 
there is always room for emptiness. 
Sweep the heart. 

Friday, April 5, 2013

not till we are lost

the ink is black, the page is white
variations of black and white
when white meets black
some grays
cold hard black.
I wrote you a letter.

beauty of black and silver,
charcoal and graphite.
I’m walking the night
making a statement.
finding it hard to believe
dark leads to light—
break it to me gently

I do.
are we?
—something dramatic like that.
everybody was so young!
berry stained lips
they fall hard
I like to imagine their dreams,
share their passions.
welcome home, Persephone;
the dark is too hard to beat.

sometimes I still need you.

in the morning
it’s hard to wake up
the first days are so hard

Black mood
dark thinkings
that final disappointment
blackened by grief
morning after dark
a life well lived
well written