Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Crush

In my sleeping dreams, 
between sleeping and awake, 
and in my dreaming days--
yes, I had a dream last night:
view down a side street 
lovers on a swing
silent world behind the scene

I just love when the calm surrounds you
between sleeping and awake; 
when morning comes misty-eyed, 
shy as spring
slowly awakening
(hard times for dreamers)
(we can do hard things)

(I can feel your smile, 
your tart kiss on my lips. 
I miss you. 
Some days are hard; 
you've been away too long. 
it's not so black as it seems. 
it's not so black as it seems. 
this storm will pass. 

Feeling tangled
an unlikely combination:
fragments; a love affair. 
Age does not matter. 
Nothing matters. 
Will it ever end?
Please don't ask how it could be--

The unwritten page
The freedom of loneliness:
time to think, 
there is always room for emptiness. 
Sweep the heart.