Wednesday, October 1, 2008

so i am not reading philosophy right now. i can't quite bring myself to do so. the question that keeps circling around my head - "to what end?" - is too buzzing and insistent to let me read productively and in peace.

my plan:

- begin again with Beauvoir. Her fiction, her non-fiction (shh. don't remind me it's philosophy...). everything
- some Kierkegaard. (again, shhhhh). Not that philosophy should be a self-help enterprise, but i am most certainly a better person for Kierkegaard. Philosophy should help us to answer the question "But how should I live?"
- fiction.
- i am going to catch up on books i have wanted to read, or suspected might be important, or seem to utilize interesting methods to explore ideas i find interesting.

i'll get back to philosophy. but i am feeling a bit disenchanted right now. i think i just need to start ticking things off of lists, and i think i need a do-able list.

for now, i'm going to forgo my assistantship duties and do dishes. that will feel better too...

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