Monday, April 26, 2010

I could be a dandelion

I think I want all of these lovely sounding scents. How could I fail to swoon over one called "In the Library"? How lovely does "Russian Caravan Tea" (one of my favorite teas anyway) sound? If I surrender to the desire to possess any, the first on my list will be "Violet Empire."

I still have about 6 ounces of my Prada fragrance. And many vials of blended oil perfumes from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (their site is so much fun to browse! and the descriptions are so lovely! and the bottles so pretty!). And scented lotion (my current favorite is Karma Kream - orange blossom and patchouli smell so happy together). I am not experiencing any shortage of fragrance options. Perhaps it is that none of them feel (smell) just quite right. Perhaps they don't evoke just the right feeling, bring to mind any perfect moment. The scents I have, though lovely, are somewhat untethered to memory and so none of them feel necessary.

I should get out more. Do more. Have adventures. Visit more neighborhoods, cities, countries, worlds. Somewhere, in one of those worlds, I will find a scent that smells like home and I'll take a deep breath and move right in.

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