Thursday, January 13, 2011

More reflections on my wardrobe

(wow. that sounds excessively self-involved)

It occurred to me yesterday, after having written yesterday's blog post, that I really like my current wardrobe.

In my head, I am a jeans and flannel or jeans and tank top kind of gal. (This is probably related to my ardent early-adolescent desire to be a tomboy. If you have to want to be a tomboy, you should just resign yourself to not actually being a tomboy.) In my head, I like to wear sturdy, well-made, no-frills jeans, sturdy, warm, and well-fitted flannel shirts (or thick, well-fitted tank tops) with good boots and maybe a nice belt.
I am prepared for all sorts of work, am super-low maintenance, unconcerned with getting dirty, able to move about freely and comfortably and probably carry large and heavy sacks of ... something frequently.

That is not my life. In any way. And it is certainly not my wardrobe.

I wear skirts and sweaters and tights almost every day. Most are wool, wool-blend, or cashmere. In the summer I wear more dresses. I wear boots or dansko shoes. (And I probably should buy any other shoes except for exercising. They are the most comfortable shoes I can find.) And I find I am prepared for all of the things I actually do, am low maintenance, unconcerned with getting dirty, able to move around freely and comfortably, and feel perfectly appropriate all of the time.

In other words, my actual wardrobe matches my actual life and so I am not concerned (as I have been when younger) with any insecurities about the fittingness of my wardrobe. I don't think very much about trends (although Fall 2010 was full of clothes that are just my thing. That rarely happens!) because I am more concerned with longevity and fit. It doesn't bother me to dress differently than those around me because I am at home in my clothing.

pretty neat.

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