Tuesday, May 10, 2011


It is very difficult for me to keep track of all the decisions I make. I have started my style sheet for my dissertation. It includes rules like these:
  • no contractions
  • .3 inch tab
  • indent first lines of footnotes
  • level 1 subheads: bold type, centered, sentence-style caps
  • ragged right margin
  • dictionary: Merriam Webster 11th ed.
  • check punctuation for correct usage (en and em dashes and colons); serial comma.
  • check footnotes: terminal period? full citations at the beginnings of chapters?
  • call out promises and recollections: do I fulfill the promise to come back to item A? Do my vide supras match up?
  • check verb tenses. All match?
I should make a style sheet for my life, too:
  • no sugar before noon or after five
  • may not skip exercising for two consecutive days
  • may not use cell phone if I have consumed more than 1.5 alcoholic drinks
  • may not eat barley for more than three consecutive days
  • may not eat beans for more than two consecutive days
  • clothing must cover knees
  • monthly clothing budget may not exceed half of monthly rent amount
  • must pay bills before they are due
  • must be out of bed before 8 am
  • must eat vegetables every day
My rules are solid. What I need is an editor who will impose deadlines.

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