Sunday, February 17, 2008


so the landlord finally came to fix my shower (longer ago than, say today; i've just not been writing, or, er, blogging). "don't use drano when the tub won't drain. it'll ruin the tub" ok ... sorry!
but i have been luxuriating in my perfectly draining tub -- long showers, hot, bubbly baths, mmmm, it has been wonderful. and clean. and wonderful!

lethargic. slow. sticky. don't want to work. i have so much to do ... here's my list:

print copies of prof's chapter to read and summarize
finish reading for 181 course
summarize reading for plato seminar
begin this week's reading for the kierkegaard seminar
fold laundry
email Housing Opportunities for Women re: volunteering
call mom
call grammy
plan meals for the week

and this is just what has to be done by tuesday.... and here i am, procrastinating, blogging, having already checked my email about a gazillion times, thought about making hot chocolate, made tea, facebooked my friends and thought about reading fiction.

in the hsun tzu reading for the 181 class (and in my own re-readings in the tao te ching lately), there is much about unity, focus, calm, perseverance. in the plato, there is much discussion on the necessity and the art of measurement, specifically on determining which pleasures are beneficial and which are harmful. clearly i have not been cultivating focus, unity, perseverance; i have not been eschewing harmful pleasures for the beneficial.

i am almost done with the hsun tzu reading. then i will begin grading. i will grade through "pride and prejudice" tonight if i have to. tomorrow i will copy jackie's chapter. and i will stay up all monday night reading it if i must. oy.

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