Thursday, September 25, 2008

practicing love

am recently confronted by a comment, an idea, a caution which feels very much like an unnecessary - even an unkind - judgment.

what i want to do, what i am trying to do is to remember, to believe that this comment comes from no other place than one of love, is motivated by love.

it doesn't feel like love.

but if i'm going to avoid solipsism, then i need to believe it. 'love believes all things and yet is never deceived'. ok.


liminalityandversucher said...

do you have to believe it comes from a place of love though? I mean, can't you love someone and still sometimes come at them from a place of jealousy, confusion, or misplaced resentment? if not, I'm screwed.

philosophotarian said...

i don't think i disagree with that. but beneath the jealousy, confusion, misplaced resentment, i am determined that there is a bedrock of love. and love is not always well-expressed ...

but i want to see what the world looks like when i believe it is there