Monday, September 22, 2008

Presenting at the SWIP conference

does it make me
- bad
- a bad feminist
- non-radical
- anti-revolutionary
- unethical
- selfish
- over-privileged
if I want to
- be happy
- revel in this happiness
- anticipate the possibilities for future happinesses
or if I want to
- focus more on forgetting hurt than remembering it
- see more beauty than ugliness
- be more easily delighted than offended
- spend more time learning to love than in justifying anger


what kind of philosopho-lady will I/can I/ought I be?


Anonymous said...

Bacchant said...

If being happy with yourself, delighted with the world, and focused on forgetting hurt rather than hording it makes you a poor feminist, than the project of feminism has far more serious problems than not including you as a member. You are joyful and loving and magnificent. Fuck em.