Thursday, October 1, 2009

My brother is the coolest

From my brother:

Subject: spirits

hey there sport! i am not going to be in an area that has electricity for the next few days (so i won't be able to fbook or email you). so happy early birthday! drink until you bleed!! we'll go ahead and get good and drunk in about 12 days!

what are the names of some of your $50-$80 bottles of single malt? i tried a few with you but dont remember any names. and the names of some high end ones you liked? a guy here has been asking me, and i would perhaps like to purchase a few of those for my triumphant return!

have a splendid birthday! let me know if you do anything fun so i can visualize it...then imagine myself there as well. kind of like i am photoshopping myself into an idea!


photoshopping himself into an idea?? that's awesome! hooray!

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