Thursday, September 29, 2011

things I haven't bought since I redid my budget

(I redid—no,*did*—my budget just a few weeks ago)

Body oil: $30
Hair goo: $22
Tights (I could use about 3 pair): $24
Perfume: $75
Room spray: $8
Gray cardigan: $24___
Total: $183

I can't even say I've saved almost $200, as this is money I never even had. I am currently paying off my consumer debt so I can live on only my paycheck. This is a lot harder than I imagined it would be. I haven't lived this way since college (and I had fewer and cheaper wants/needs then). In college, my rent was just about 25% of my take-home pay. Now, my rent is nearly half of my take-home pay. So there are differences.

I just read an article in which a woman who gave up shopping for a year tallied the dollar (well, pound) totals of all the things she didn't buy for that year. She saved over £5000 that year. I won't be saving any money, but I will be going deeper into debt more slowly (that doesn't sound very good, does it?)

Why am I fussing over this? If I can't (won't) be disciplined with the dissertation, I may as well develop other kinds of discipline in the meantime. Retraining my habits in ways that feel unrelated to the dissertation should help "trick" me into greater productivity and discipline in other areas of my life. Already the ways in which I waste time have been changing. Etsy who?

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