Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dear Prada,

Imagine my surprise when, opening the sticky sample sleeve in my most recent issue of Glamour, I discovered, like a memory, that fragrance I have wanted - have always wanted? - to be associated with the way my life smells. Why yes - yes! - I too am not too strong, but lingering; woodsy, no, floral, no, powder? no, musky, no, yes, all of these? yes. all, together and somehow not jarring, but gentle. like skin but better.
I have found you/me, sweet "Infusion d'Iris" and I must have you, spray you everywhere, smell you everywhere.

[just like a girl to think thus. sure. ok. i get that. but memories are scented and i would like to be remembered. or not forgotten]

Prada, if you are reading this, send your love back to me. I'll take the 25 ounce bottle. Send it to the department - it won't fit in my mailbox.

all my love,


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