Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A carrot!

I had a long and lovely lunch with a friend on Saturday (mmm. m.henry.). I told her that my dissertation director expects me to defend my dissertation proposal by the first week of March. She looked excited and pleased and asked that very, very important question: "What will you wear?"

What will I wear indeed?! Important question! Do I go full-on ironic and wear a hyper-conservative navy suit - 2" pumps, pearls and understated makeup? Do I try for something more post-modern and wear mining overalls, spectator pumps and a lab coat? Or maybe I should try for head-to-toe tweed and punked out hair. No matter what I choose, what I wear will say as much about my project as what I say - or else I undermine my own work (on that which is not said), so it is of the utmost importance.

However, I am not allowed to seriously consider the wardrobe component of my proposal until after I have set a date for my proposal defense. That is the carrot. I am allowed to go shopping (joy!) when I've set a defense date.

Taking suggestions....

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