Monday, February 15, 2010


Am in the process of trying to pin down a date for my dissertation proposal defense. It was almost there. And then almost there. And now it is just up in the air.

There is still much to do. I have a rather intense list of books, chapters and articles with which I'd like to be familiar before I defend this proposal. This list, luckily, happens to also be my reading list for chapter 2. The more familiar I am with this before the defense, the better I can discuss the project as a whole and the faster I can write a draft of chapter 2.

Though I submitted my proposal draft on Thursday, I have not yet begun work on that reading list. Dragging my feet a little. Reading will begin ... tonight. Yes. Tonight.

Yesterday I felt inexplicably tired. I find that days like that are rather good for completing necessary but dull chores. I put away laundry, changed my bed linens, scrubbed the toilet and bathroom sink, organized clutter. I baked 2 different kinds of muffins and froze them. I made four 1-serving portions of chicken with tomatoes and thyme and froze those for lazy evenings. I cleaned the kitchen. Organized the freezer (that may have been the most satisfying part of the day) and cleaned out the refrigerator. Exercycled. Went grocery shopping. It ended up being a wonderfully productive day, even if I didn't do any academic work.

To Do:
- Cull readings from bibliography for Ch. 2/defense preparation.
- Break them down into chapters.
- Include a nice, neat column for checking them off.
- Post that to this blog so its format can be admired. Or not...

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jenna said...

wow! how productive! you would make a wonderful housewife :) I know my feminist friend doesn't want to hear that...just staying. Sounds a lot like my day...minus the homeschooling and kid wrangling.