Friday, February 26, 2010


I was going to have a lovely new post today (I've been thinking about this one for weeks, really!), but am sick, sick, sick! Leaving the office shortly for a day of napping, reading, tea-drinking and more napping. Maybe a nap in there, too.

I can't complain too much since I rarely get sick - and since I will probably recover by the end of the weekend. I am generally amazingly healthy and so have no right to complain. Still, I am feeling rather sorry for myself.

I dreamt last night that I had 2 blogs. The other one was way more interesting, so when I found out that I was its author, I was super-excited: me? that is me? sweeet!!!

I dreamt the other night of 2 glasses. They were so simple, such perfectly clear glass, free from all decoration, just straight lines and wonderful clarity. One was slightly taller than the other and they stood side-by-side on the curb of a sidewalk (of all places!). They were so beautiful together. But they weren't real, and in my dream I knew that. They were actually covered with colors and patterns and etching. The perfect glasses were in a vision within the dream and I couldn't see them otherwise. This was, strangely, a happy dream.

More next week. Really. When my writing is not so punctuated with spelling mistakes and grammar deficiencies. When I've removed the cotton from between my ears and drained the lead from my arms. Then I will write.

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