Monday, December 14, 2009

"I'll just add a cake of soap!"

Mother, what do you want for Christmas?

A child.

How does one respond to her mother in such a situation???? Maria had a good idea - I may just give my mother a baby doll. It would be funny to give her a fake ultrasound photo and tell her that I got right on it when she said she wanted a baby, but I fear the joke would be misunderstood...

Almost no dissertation work all weekend. On the train ride up to Milwaukee I took a pencil to my draft and began editing, but I fell asleep a few pages in. I hope it was because the train was so soothing and not because I bore even myself...

To Do for today:

- Deliver coffee to Maria
- Meet J for a drink at 2 and catch up
- Finish editing (in pencil) draft
- Read at least 2 chapters of something
Plan menu for week.

To Do this week sometime:

- Christmas shopping
Becca reminded me of a movie we loved as kids - Santa Claus: The Movie. It's only about $8 on Amazon, so I think I'll get a copy for her and for Ben. Hooray! Very easy and nostalgic. Nostalgia makes for some of the best gifts. [a cake of soap. a cake of soap.]
- While I'm shopping - socks for me
- Take shoes to cobbler

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