Monday, December 21, 2009

Darn those 16th note runs!!

The sock garters I got are not the ones I should have gotten. Should have gotten the suspender clip ones. The ones I got have the standard garter button and it is not particularly easy to secure thick stockings into the button. Lesson learned: suspender clips are the way to go.

Progress over the weekend: Argh! I did read 3 articles. Not all 6. Didn't read a single chapter of anything. Did read Self and Fitness magazines. Did make gingerbread (note: double - hell, triple the spices). Did clean house. Did finish Christmas shopping. Did hang out with M's cat to keep him company. Did practice Messiah in anticipation for the DIY performance tomorrow.

Did not write a single word. Did not do a single revision. Did not read a single dissertation-related chapter.

leave work; library - get books
head home; eat; grab book
head to M's - look in on cat; read chapter or two in book
head downtown, eat dinner with E
... this does not leave very much time for significant dissertation work...

Goal: by this weekend expand section on shift in moral thought and add the conclusion MW suggested. Yes, this will mean giving up some sleep, but since Self told me I sleep too much anyway (apparently over 8 hours/night is linked to early death. Who knew? Then again, my mattress sags so much and I wake up so often that perhaps I'm not really getting that much sleep ... ), it is in my best interests to keep myself up/wake myself up earlier.

For the new year (or sooner): an alarm clock that actually works. Or one whose authority I recognize. That's more accurate. My alarms do technically work - they ding at the appropriate times. I just don't actually get out of bed when they tell me to.

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