Thursday, December 3, 2009


but sometimes life is charming. no, really.

- the coffee studio makes hot chocolate with nutella. file under "why didn't I think of that??" and "oh, my, this is tasty!"

- breathing. so good. particularly when paired with vocal warm-ups (as in, at the same time). dizzy but a rush.

- oh, and, as much as i hate to admit it: push-ups. kind of a rush.

- i did type up a timeline that has me graduating in December 2011. i think this should change - it doesn't leave any room for teaching. hm. i could teach in spring of 2012 maybe.

- my voice teacher thinks i am "a whole universe" unto myself. of course. who wouldn't say that??

- my brother comes home next month! now ... as i was saying, HI!!!

- neti pot, herbal tea, ear drops, real facial tissues (so long, single-ply toilet paper!) and deliciously scented moisturizer = feeling better. take that cold!

Will try to read/write something so that I have something to say to my dissertation director this afternoon.

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