Wednesday, December 16, 2009

notes to self

You know what's weird? Feeling your butt hang over the top of your socks. I guess at that point they really are stockings more than they are socks, but when you're wearing trousers, they seem pretty sock-like.

Lunch with the office today. Not particularly looking forward to it - not feeling particularly sparkling or social. But I will be a grown-up.

Read 4 chapters yesterday in 2 books. That was productive. I should start noting how often I read and how much - that might help to keep me honest and working. Even if no one reads this blog, knowing that there is a public record of how little I do may help to motivate me to do much more.

One of the women in my program just sent me a recipe she made the other night in case I wanted to try it. It was wonderfully thoughtful! And it occurred to me that I could probably get myself to try new recipes more frequently if I then sent ones I liked to friends of mine to try.

These may sound like beginnings of resolutions, but they are not. Certainly not. But if I can't be internally disciplined, then I need to seek out external means to discipline myself into healthy, loving productivity. If only there were a way to do this with exercise.

More posting(s) on actual dissertation work later.

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Jenna said...

"even if no one reads this blog"????
who DOESN'T read this blog?