Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Draft of the Dissertation Abstract

I've felt like I was in time-out all week as I put off my dissertation abstract. Then I was grounded, and didn't attend margaritas & mariokart, didn't go to my voice lesson. Then I punished myself with chores, scrubbing everything that could bear scrubbing. The only thing I missed (whew!) was a spanking!

It may have worked. I began scribbling notes for an abstract last night which, when I type them up (after this post) will at least become a draft of an abstract. Then I even reworked the introduction to my chapter/proposal, adding more than 700 words with hardly any effort.

If only I still had that book - the one upon which you see me standing in the photo at right. It was some sort of textbook. The title (blurry in this photo) was Rainbows. No one knows why I stood on it while in time-out. The defiant hands-in-back pockets is a nice touch, and, had I not needed them for typing (and scrubbing), I may have tried to strike just this pose while I contemplated my project.


Jenna said...

Ivy sat on my lap as i read this- she saw the pic and was a bit upset..."mama, what's happening to me??" Apparently she doesn't remember striking this pose

philosophotarian said...

oh, how funny! did you tell her that when she's naughty she has to stand on a book in the corner until she has learned her lesson? ;-)

omphaloskeptic said...

by the way, this is awesome!

April England said...

You really look adorable in the picture! Writing dissertation can really be tough, and writing the thesis abstract sample can be harder as it is the part where people can understand what your paper would be. Anyway, I do hope everything went well with your writing, and having a ‘time-out’ can be a good idea. But, not the ‘face-the-wall-hands-on-pocket-standing-on-rainbow-book’ kind of time-out.