Tuesday, January 12, 2010

In which I am held accountable

Things I have not done:
- finished draft of proposal
- added paragraphs on responsibility or traditional moral theory
- written a conclusion
- the last few dishes from last night's dinner
- exercised in the past week
- permitted myself to fully enjoy free time I have stolen

Things I have done:
- purchased new mattress
- finally cooked dinner (with kale! and quinoa! and beans! and a sweet potato! and bacon!!)
- three loads of laundry, much of which was from last year (egad!)
- sent in review of monster biography

Things I must do:
- somehow make it look as though I have done more significant work on my draft than I will have time to do.
- somehow learn to keep myself awake long enough to get work done in the evening and then drag myself out of bed at a reasonable time in the morning.
- somehow motivate myself to achieve some minimally healthy level of physical activity to keep myself from having the energy level and physique of a squishy dumpling.

To that end:
- a clever and motivating To Do list calendar is en route to my home as I type. It will be the lasso with which I wrangle my beastly duties in a dissertation rodeo (how's that for a ridiculous conceit?)
- philosophotarian was just called "lame" by boy yesterday for not liking (and therefore not using) her new laptop. No joke. Tune in for the enthralling tale of "HP* and Me: A Love Story"
- It may be that a tape measure will be dug up and measurements taken. It may be that measurements will be updated. Whether they will be posted is to be determined. Philosophotarian loves** word counts and measures progress thereby. Perhaps measurements can be like word counts but for my physical dimensions.

* as in, Hewlitt-Packard. These are not the initials of He Who Called Me Lame.
** as in, excessively

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