Monday, January 25, 2010

Nerdy Record of Fun

Let it not be said that that this budding academic makes no time for fun.
Indeed, all work and no play makes philosophotarian a dull gal! I am holding two formatting workshops later this week and am creating the world's longest powerpoint presentations for them. Guh. Ugh. Blech. For amusement, I distracted myself with this fun new game, in which I can turn any thought, event, memory or fantasy into a library catalog card. What a completely nerdy way for a completely nerdy lady to record completely nerdy fun?


Jenna said...

thank-you, dear. looking forward to more of these

philosophotarian said...

oh, I imagine inundating my sweet collection of readers (there may be oh, around *5* of you. !) with as many of these as I can reasonably do. This means I'll actually have to do things, because cards that say "scrubbed toilet *before* throwing earrings into toilet" would hardly make for a good post. or would it ...?